What a kilo of Monkey King Jasmine Green (tea) looks like

I admit this is kind of immature — especially considering the amount of effort it took to get it back in the bag — but below is a photo of the shipment I just got from Amazon of two half-kilo bags of Numi Organic Monkey King Jasmine Green Tea. Poured out is a half-kilo. The other bag is full with the same amount. In front, for comparison, is a quarter:

This, even for me, is a freaking whole lot of tea. At a pot a day, I estimate it should last until my son’s children are in assisted living. I got it because I succumbed to capitalism: There was a sale of two bags for about $40, and with an additional 10 percent off coupon, I just had to do it. Also got a sampler of four kinds of Heavenly Tea in little canisters — Sencha, Bi Luo Chun, Chun Mee and Green Paradise — maybe four oz. each. That will be the subject of a later blog. For now I am just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tea I now possess.

I can stop whenever I want to, in case you’re wondering.

I just made a pot and it is nice. Good thing. Just a little of the bitter tannins because I like it that way, and heat the water up to 180 degrees and steep it a lot longer than they recommend just to get that out. Slight flowerly scent from the jasmine. Nice color, too. I’m not sure how important the “organic” label is — usually I don’t pay attention to that in tea. But I suppose it’s nice to know it will not cause me cancer at the same time as it’s preventing cancer.

Nothing on the label indicates whether the tea was in fact picked by monkeys.

The only problem is keeping that much tea fresh for the months it will take to drink it. You can’t put tea in the freezer like coffee because it gets all weird. Best I can do is squeeze all the air out whenever I close the bag (it has a zip-lock). But I understand it will continue to oxidize, so I’ll try and notice whether the taste changes over the course of several months.


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