Best springtime iced tea in the world

Rooibos tea on ice = spring.

I’ve talked about rooibos as being one of the few herbal teas that’s worth the cost of the water used to make it. As Easter heralds the beginning (we hope) of nice weather and getting outdoors, this is the time of the year when I start making iced rooibos. It’s non-caffeinated, so you can drink it all day and not get dehydrated or just plain wiggy. And if you’re as into exercise as I hope to be one day, it’s got all the stuff that’s in Gatorade (potassium, magnesium, zinc) without the sugar nor the advertising campaign that makes you feel like you’re being targeted like a middle-school football team.

Today I’m making a fruity little number by Selby Select in Sarasota, Fla. picked up my my mom when she was down there. It’s reviewed well by Teaviews (losing points only for claiming to be more local than it really is, I guess), and smells like flowers and oranges. Since this is not a “real” tea (ie, it’s not camellia sinensis, the plant used for black and green tea), I boil it in a saucepan for five or 10 minutes without having to worry about it getting too bitter. Then I strain it with a tea strainer (you need one with really fine mesh because the rooibos leaves are tiny) and pour it over ice.

Nice. Easy. Healthy. A rebirth of spring. Insert your own Easter metaphor here.


About Don Seiffert

I'm a reporter and writer in the Boston area.
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2 Responses to Best springtime iced tea in the world

  1. Jim Walker says:

    Yum. That looks so good Don. Do you add any sugar to sweeten it up?

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