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How to make sun tea when it’s raining

As far as I can tell, we can thank 60’s Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith for the persistence of the idea that the sun performs some magical transmutation in the creation of sun tea. At least we could thank him, if … Continue reading

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Steeping music: What do you listen to while you drink tea?

The post by the guy calling himself Silas Richie starts: “If you like Drinking Tea and you like Music, I have the perfect thing for you.” So I says to Myself: Hey, I like Drinking Tea, and I like Music, … Continue reading

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When their house burned to the ground, all they had left was tea

It’s by no means a funny story when someone loses their house to fire, not to mention their pet rats, but there was one weird detail that Nick Werner of the Star Press included in his story about the tragedy … Continue reading

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