Steeping music: What do you listen to while you drink tea?

The post by the guy calling himself Silas Richie starts: “If you like Drinking Tea and you like Music, I have the perfect thing for you.”

So I says to Myself: Hey, I like Drinking Tea, and I like Music, too. This sounds like the Perfect Thing for Me!

A link leads you to a downloadable album called “Tea Life,” by Mr. Richie and Brian Tairaku Ritchie (brother? uncle?), described by Richie as “an album which is created for the purpose of drinking tea to it. It features the shakuhachi, japanese bamboo flute, as well as various gongs and other world instruments, as well as some electronic synth work. it is the perfect blend of ambience and contemporary improvisation.” The album is said to have been created “for an Art Event called Present Situation which took place on April 30th 2011 in Madison, WI.” (The guy apparently has a William Blake thing about Capitalizing Random Words).

The music? Well, not really my cup of tea, so to speak. I guess that in certain moods, while sitting alone in the Himalayas contemplating a Zen koan or fasting beneath a fig tree, I could see listening to it. But it’s a little lacking in the melody and rhythm departments. Definitely not danceable, anyway.

So what kind of music is best to listen to while drinking tea? The topic came up on Facebook a couple days ago, and suggestions included MC Elemental’s “Cup of Brown Joy,” (which is awesome and has already been showcased on this blog), a song called “T.U.S.A.” by a Ginger Baker band calling itself Masters of Reality (where Baker, the Brit drummer for Cream, complains about how Americans can’t make tea right) and Nirvana’s “Pennyroyal Tea,” which is not so much about “tea,” per se, as about Kurt Cobain’s constant stomach pains and self hatred. Other than that, there’s a Facebook page devoted to the topic, an album for sale on Amazon called “Cha Tao: The Way of Tea” and any number of other sites where people suggest their favorite tea music.

Personally, I drink tea practically all day, so I have no real “tea” music. But I’m always looking for songs that have to do with tea, so send them my way.


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