Red Rose breaks out of the grandma market

I can’t find any information on how long Red Rose Sunset Spice tea has been around, but I just saw it for the the first time this week in the Somerville (Mass.) Shaw’s Supermarket and picked it up. For a brand that’s relied on the loyalty of woman over the age of 90 (not exactly a long-term marketing niche) and weird little ceramic figurines of animals to sell its tea for years, I was glad to see them try something new, even if the company is now owned by the megacorporation Redco. But I had no idea what to expect. The box says it’s spiced with cinnamon and cardamon, and the whole Indian-looking design is obviously meant to imply that it’s like the now-trendy Chai tea, so I figured maybe it’s like Chai-lite.

Fortunately, it was pretty much exactly that. I made a big jar of sun tea yesterday and it was really good. It doesn’t taste fake, and for around $2 a box of 48 bags, it’s probably the cheapest supermarket tea deal going if you’re halfway through the summer and already sick of “regular” iced tea.

I’m urging everyone to buy this in hopes that they don’t decide it’s a failure and yank it off the shelves in a few months, leaving us with Constant Comment, which is also good but more than twice as expensive as is everything by the frou frou-ey Bigelow people.

Note: Apologies for not posting for some time. I continue to be amazed, however, by the fact that this blog keeps getting hits even when I don’t write for nearly a month.


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I'm a reporter and writer in the Boston area.
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