More about Mormons: Why they are so fascinating and weird

For months now, in times when I have let this blog lag, I have puzzled over why a certain post from last year (which has nothing to do with tea) has consistently gotten more hits than any other post. There have been times when I literally do nothing but check back every couple of weeks, and the Mormon blog post gets like 40-50 hits per week from people searching for “Mormon” or “fashion” or some combination of the two.

Of course the first things that come to mind are presidential candidate Mitt Romney (you already knew he was the world’s most prominent Mormon, but did you know about his dog problem?) and the Tony-award-winning Broadway play, The Book of Mormon. But can that many people still be looking online to find out exactly what Mormons are all about?

I did some research to try and find out. I started with Google Trends and an in-depth analysis of all Google searches for “Mormon” in hopes of finding… you know, trends. I mean, that’s the name of the website, right? Google Trends? Unfortunately I have to report that I am too stupid to extract a single shred of content from the graph.

I did find a fascinating article about how Mormons know more about religion than most Protestants and Catholics do, but not as much as atheists and agnostics. Also a very informative site about their magic underwear.

In the end, I have to assume that widespread fascination with Mormons is just because the majority of sane people in the world still can’t believe that there’s really a religion based upon the fantastical story of a convicted counterfeiter who claimed the Angel of God came to him somewhere in western New York sometime around 1820 with divine laws inscribed on gold tablets which got lost a few days later before being seen by anyone else, and which has spawned crazy fundamentalist cults led by men obsessed with polygamy, statutory rape and (in a few cases) murder. I mean, that’s certainly the reason I’m into Mormons. I guess I’m not alone.


About Don Seiffert

I'm a reporter and writer in the Boston area.
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1 Response to More about Mormons: Why they are so fascinating and weird

  1. CaffeneAssictedmormon says:

    Mormons can’t drink tea, coffee, or anything with alcohol, but its ok to drink a redbull

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